Monday, June 29, 2020

Mark Twain here and there

I embrace and enjoy serendipity, and the publication of this linked article happens to be pleasingly coincidental to my current reading of a Mark Twain biography by Fred Kaplan. I will also be rereading some of Twain’s books, which should be pleasant escapes from the miasma of current events.  

So, what reading selections have helped you avoid the unpleasantness of our chaotic here and now? 


  1. i missed this one. some Edgar Wallace novels, some poetry, working on bicycles a lot; just finished a single speed today; rides okay but i spent too much on parts for it...

    1. Do you restore antique bikes too?

    2. no, that's a very pricey practice... i just get old frames that have been junked and fix them up and leave them in the local city for hard-up people to steal, so they have a way to get around...